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Our team of experts will perform a systematic Evaluation to uncover profit-making opportunities, focusing on results to improve cash flow, reduce costs, and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Increase the ability to reduce debt, free up owner and key manager time, and build wealth and company value by focusing on marketing, sales operations, leadership and personnel.

The SBS approach initially has a very short-term focus which is intensive, directive and action oriented. Following the evaluation, the client must agree to follow our guidance in order to achieve the desired results.

After the initial evaluation is complete, a 30-60-90 day Action Plan will be put into place with weekly short term assignments, training, and follow-up sessions designed to keep the new goals on track.

Business Skills Focus - Glenn Tuttle

• Execute a plan to increase cash flow
• Focus on ways to make more profit
• Develop strategies to grow the business
• Create methods to increase efficiency
• Lead seminars

Lean Manufacturing Focus - Steve Borchert

• Implement principles of lean manufacturing
• Provide six sigma training
• Direct Kaizen events
• Lead seminars

Quality and Productivity Focus - George Glaeser

• Consult for Quality/ISO status
• Assist in AS9001 registration and approval
• Produce quality and safety manuals
• Supervise audits
• Lead seminars

impliment change for results

Industries served:

• Aerospace
• Manufacturing
• Pulp and Paper
• Ports
• Warehouse facilities
• Trucking
• Lumber
• Construction
• Medical

Family owned business management:

• Second generation challenges
• Team building skills
• Productivity and profitability

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